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2023年6月26日から30日までの5日間、モンゴルの首都ウランバートルで、今年で5回目の開催となる「ディープラーニング サマースクール」が開催され、アドダイスCTOのAmgalan Ganbatが共催者として参加しました。

株式会社アドダイス CTO(Chief Technical Officer:最高技術責任者)
Amgalan Ganbat(アムガラン・ガンバット)

A short summer in Mongolia, a place to learn deep learning from each other!

私の故郷、モンゴルのウランバートルにおける「ディープラーニングサマースクール」は、2018年、3人の友人とスタートしました。 ⇒ DEEP LEARNING UB 2018 


The Deep Learning Summer School in my hometown, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, started in 2018 with three friends. ⇒ DEEP LEARNING UB 2018

Summer in Mongolia is short, but it is the best time of the year for citizens and tourists, and six years ago, three friends and I got together to do something interesting during this short summer and organized the first Deep Learning Summer School.

It was a success the first time, with more people participating than we could have imagined. Since then, we have held this event every year except for 2020. The number of lecturers and participants has increased, and we have received support from various sources.

This year’s themes are “Generative AI” and “Large-scale Language Models (LLM)

今年は、いま話題のchatGPT「生成系AI」 そして「大規模言語モデル (LLM)」 をテーマとし、例年通り講義とセミナーを組み合わせて開催しました。最近話題のchatGPTを「スクラッチから作成してみよう」という講義も開催され、多くの人の関心を呼びました。


また今年は専門的な講義やセミナーに加えて、一般の方向けのAIイベント「AI Day」や、自然に囲まれながらAIについて話し合うネットワーキングイベント「AIリトリート」も初めて開催され、皆さんが楽しむ姿が見られたのは大きな収穫でした。

This year’s theme was “Generative AI” and “Large-scale Language Models (LLMs),” and as in previous years, we held a combination of lectures and seminars. A study on “Let’s try to create chatGPT from scratch,” recently becoming a hot topic, attracted much attention.

Many researchers gathered at the venue, the National University of Mongolia, and everyone worked diligently without missing a beat from start to finish.

In addition to specialized lectures and seminars, this year, for the first time, an AI event for the general public, “AI Day,” and an AI Retreat, a networking event to discuss AI while surrounded by nature, were also held, and it was a great success to see everyone enjoying themselves.

ディープラーニングサマースクール_ウランバートル (2)


Deep Learning Research Bridges Mongolia and the World


In the future, we would like to create this summer school and other opportunities to connect Mongolia with the world in deep learning research. As a result, we encourage researchers and engineers to become interested in this field so that in the future, they can conduct cutting-edge research and technology development as well.

Ulan Bator Sükhbaatar Square

ウランバートル・スフバートル広場 Ulan Bator・Sükhbaatar Square

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