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Regular Employee

Who We Welcome
  • People who are attracted to computing and have a potential with their own skills.
  • People who are diligent, obedient, and bright. People who are able to reset their minds and keep up to complete a project even if it is a hard work.
  • People who have a high ability of problem solving. People who are able to break down instructions and think on their own from the perspective of the customers.
  • People who are able to pursuit the merit of engineering honesty and putting it on the basis of the commercial well.
  • People who are able to achieve an unknown knowledge through trial and error and by studying necessary facts.


We are looking for such people, regardless of sex, age, educational background, and nationality.


Wanted Jobs
  • Programmer: Develop, maintenance, and environment AI constructions.
Needed Skills
  • People who are aware of Python, C++, and Java, and are able to code with either one. We don’s use Java but use Scala as a prime language, but Java knowledge will be welcome.
  • People who code on their own in their private time.
  • It is good if you can set your own LAMP environment with Docker. If unable to do so, we will teach you during the training period.
  • You will have to learn necessary programing language and frame works when needed. According to the demanded functions of the given task, you will need to code via Perl, Ruby, Python, Scala, etc. For the maintenance of the legacy, we believe you will need to learn CakePHP, Ruby on Rails, Spring, and Playing Framework. As a company policy, we teach using Scala on the server side and C++ on the mobile side. However, there may be cases where one will need to use PHP and Java (for Android and Spring) because of the maintenance or transplant of the legacy. Therefore, our company is not suitable if you want to work with a certain programing language. Conversely, our company is suitable for people who, for example, can code with C++ or Java, can code using PHP if needed, and are leaning Scala on their own but haven’t used it outside of the private time.
  • As an entry training, we provide courses of security development, data modeling, business management system and code contracts, business contracts. You can skip courses that you are able to do. We use Xead for designing, so we recommend you to use it in advance.
  • We provide covert interns for people who are from different industries and do not have confidence in actual services. People who are interested in programming will enjoy what they do and learn the basics within about a year and a half. So please let us know and try out this internship before leave your company.

  • There are so many bothersome works around AI development. If you have already started AI experiments many times, we don’t worry. But if you are newbie and think yourself as a master of AI just after reading or watching introductory guide, we notice that you can disillusion amounts of dirty works. We would like to go on with engineer, or a person who does everything to achieve mission. If you are the one, please join our team.
  • Salary: We take skills and actual results into account according to our regulations.
  • Wage hike: There will be an interview to evaluate your work.
  • Holdings: Granted by stock option system.
  • Hospitality: Various social insurance equipped.
  • Holidays: Weekly two day system, holidays, new year’s holiday, summer holidays, and concierge vacation.
  • Management: Agreement core time.
  • Transportation expenses: Partial payment (actual expenses as a maximum of 20,000 yen)
How to apply
Please contact us via e-mail or phone.
E-mail address:
Contact phone number: +81-03(6796)7788 (Services open on week days, 9:00-18:00)※Applicant’s personal information is used only for confirmation from our company, and will not use for other purposes.