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Let us introduce IoT AI related products.


Bee Sensing

By checking the data on temperature and humidity acquired by sensors installed in the hive box through smartphones, it becomes possible to estimate the state which is unknown unless we go to the site. Shortening of the nest box confirmation time increases your business efficiency. Moreover, check lists of management items improves the quality of bee group management
AI will accumulate knowledge by fusing the acquired data with the work history and learning correspondence to various situations. By learning from administrators and managed subjects, accumulating knowledge that increases productivity on AI continuously, and feeding back through management applications, you can carry out higher-level tasks more efficiently.


HORUS AI is an automatic image inspection AI system that learns from inspection images. By utilizing state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, HORUS AI will lead your organisation to cost reduction in routine tasks such as image inspection and it leads the skills/knowledge succession of your organisation to the next level. With the introduction of HORUS AI, your organisation will no longer need to be dependent on a large number of people to inspect images, thereby resulting in the cost reduction in human resources development. It will also enable data-driven decisions and secure reproducibility. Just by installing a simple device, you can introduce HORUS AI into your organisation. For this reason, the conventional complex automatic inspection system with many sensors attached, which can only be adjusted by experts, are no longer needed.

Decisions based on AI, not human. Simplified system. This is HORUS AI.


SEE GAUGE is IoT × AI that realizes remote and predictive maintenance in facility management work, and reduction of facility management cost.
With deep learning technology developed independently by ad-dice, it becomes possible to predict sudden failure of equipments.
Based on the data detected by integrating temperature, humidity, weight, sound, and vibration, AI makes an inference and learns the difference from the actual phenomenon, so failure prediction becomes possible.
AI forecasts unexpected troubles and realizes labor saving of facility management as a whole by visualizing the state of equipment remotely.


Yokarou ♪ is a business system utilizing tablets and smartphones.Yokarou ♪ makes it possible to input, browse, compile confirmation and make an approval anytime, anywhere. It also transforms collaborative work with its own algorithm.
It will realize a mechanism that eliminates walls and waiting for work such as on-site/ management, destination/ headquarters, outskirts/ in-house work and connects work at any time and anywhere.
It is a system that changes the manner of work by forming and utilizing information assets.
It will change the tasks that were buried in personal notebooks and memory, and form a company’s information asset with a convenient solution using iPad. It will dramatically improve operational efficiency with its own algorithm.


We provide consulting services related to IoT AI, including consultation on what kind of IoT AI can be utilized in the field of your own involvement. Please use the knowledge of IoT AI accumulated in ad-dice by all means.




ad-flu is a sales promotion system that transforms Web information dissemination work. It will edits contents of the homepages and SNS pages including private information for specific group for various terminals such as smartphone and iPad etc.. It is a system that makes it simple and easy to understand and centralizes management of these information dissemination that is troublesome to manage separately.

Recommendation for those who
“want to deliver information to smartphone users”
“want to grasp SNS users”
“have limited budget and want to keep costs down”
“want to update by yourselves”
“want to concentrate on my business”
To such people we recommend “ad-flu” that enables simple, easy-to-understand and unified management of information transmission on the homepages and Facebook pages.

SNS operation support work

We also conduct SNS operation support work for promotion.
We, the professional group can help information strategy and implementation unique to “SoLoMoN” concept.
In management and business consulting services, the professional group of information strategies will support the construction of information level strategies and implementation schemes of the management level and the construction of business systems and support the utilization of data.
Composition of management level information strategy and implementation scheme
Support for construction of business systems and for utilization of data
We will help you from planning strategies to realize SoLoMoN marketing and communication for sales promotion and planning concrete planning and managing pages and application operation phases.