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Corporate philosophy


Realize impression with IT

With the mission of communicating emotion with IT, the mission of improving society with IT, ad-dice was born.
We believe that a company is not only a profit pursuing organization but also a social entity, and its significance exists in fulfilling its mission as a member of society.
We believe that all business activities of ad-dise will continue to be organically integrated for such mission.


Preparing for a Declining Birthrate and Aging

In order to fulfill the mission of improving society by IT, it is necessary to develop business activities with a view to the problems the coming society will face in the near future
Among various tasks in particular, the declining birthrate and aging population is an issue of not only Japan but also human beings as a whole.Therefore, we recognize the following as the present specific mission of ad-dice:
・To develop business systems by which even a small number of workers can provide necessary and sufficient services
・To support marketing that revitalize purchasing
・To support young people who will be responsible for the next generation
・To realize a fulfilling and satisfying work / consumer life for middle-aged and elderly people


As an architect of the next-generation ecosystem

Contemporary IT tools and systems are diversified, and we call it the ecosystem by comparing the woven of various IT technologies to the natural ecosystem.
As a designer and an architect to bundle development and operation, we will skillfully construct a service group that draws out the power of various IT tools such as smartphone to realize a rich life.
We will realize and strengthen the coming society of the next generation with IT.


Company’s outline


corporate name ad-dice Co., Ltd.
establishment January 24, 2005
capital ¥15,000,000
CEO Daisuke Ito
description Provide SoLoMoN services, or AI/IoT solutions.
products HORUS AI・・・False object detection service with artificial intelligence.
See Gauge・・・Facility management service with artificial intelligence.
BeeSensing・・・Support system for beekeepers with artificial intelligence.
clients Delpys, Tokyo University and so on.
accounting period March
<Head Quarters>
1F, IT Akihabara Bld. 5-4-2 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005


<SoLoMoN Labo>

3F, MK Build. 6-3-6 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021