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Iot x AI case study

Beekeeping support system Bee Sensing

By checking the data on temperature and humidity acquired by sensors installed in the hive box through smartphones, it becomes possible to estimate the state which is unknown unless we go to the site. Shortening the nest box confirmation time makes your business more efficient.

Collaborative development / Collaborative research


SoLoMoN is a solution that innovates living and work by artificial intelligence and analysis to utilize accumulated information assets. It has abundant experience as AI for IoT. We also hold research institution numbers of e-rad so joint development and collaboration are possible.

Facility Management IoT×AI SEE GAUGE

By predicting unexpected breakdown of equipment with artificial intelligence, it is possible to optimize the management cost. Labor-saving of facility management comes true.

Automatic image inspection system HORUS AI

Users can make the system learn test images using artificial intelligence, it becomes possible to inherit skills and reduce inspection costs. In HORUS AI, learning without programming comes true.


Main clients

Delpys, Tokyo University and so on.

Award history

From the standpoint of identity, marketability and completeness, our business “Bee Sensing” was adopted as the 8th term program of “KDDI ∞ Labo ".

ad-dice was adopted for the planning and public offering of Hiroshima IT Fusion Forum Study Group, as a support target for research group activities that tackle the creation of new business using IT.


Record of past media coverage

Toyo Keizai

Toyo Keizai


Weekly Toyo Keizai At the February 18, 2017 issue, "Venture boiling! 100 companies that change Japan"

The basis of IoT x AI engine

The SoLoMoN networks SNS, location, information technology, mobile and sensor network. The SoLoMoN concept IoTxAI


Technology that makes your behavior
important information Location


Technology that judges
where and what is going on Module


Technology that manages
communication Module
the communication module group Network


Technology that links everything with network

To introduce IoT x AI


According to the client's own characteristics, we will accept consultation about what kind of introduction is possible.


Actually install the SoLoMoN device.


IoT AI conversion completed at the moment of installation!


Data is accumulated every learning, further improving accuracy.

We are Supporting business innovation

We will revitalize society
through support of customers' information strategy activities.

Providing SoLoMoN concept based services, or IoT x AI solutions.
SoLoMoN concept … Announced our concepts
ad-flu … convenient CMS.
Yokarou♪ … convenient smartphone and tablet business management system.
BeeSensing ・・・ AI/IoT support system for beekeepers.
           CEO Daisuke Ito



Daisuke Ito 

He learned Electronic Money and Electronic Commerce at the Telecommunications seminar in Tokyo University, and started up Ad-dice Co. Ltd. after graduating. Starting with providing services to conventional mobile phones, he has developed many IT services.