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Hi, I am Daisuke. I am CEO of ad-dice and a visiting professor at Hiroshima University.
We are professionals of lifestyle medicine and AI.

Let me introduce our challenge to create Lifestyle Medicine enhanced with AI.
Advantages compared with present methodology of pathology are the followings:

  1. Competitive Edge:AI driven not by data-scientist but by specialized persons in field. With patent enabling re-learning.
  2. Have medical resource in Hiroshima
  3. Passionate and talented team


We provide “Autonomous type AI platform” as SaaS subscription.
 based on our SoLoMoN technology which is an original AI technology
 that continues to evolve by learning the skills and judgments of skilled workers.
Ad-dice has supplied the Deep Learning services
 to leading companies of manufacturing and railway sector.


Lifestyle AI is an AI
 based on “SoLoMoN technology”
 that learns not only physical characteristics
 but also living environment and lifestyle with AI
 and provides the ultimate individual care.


Like in Japan. All over the world,
 In Short-term perspective,
 access to health care system by elderly people is restricted
 and quality of care is damaged due to pandemic of COVID-19.
In Medium to long-term perspective,
government finances in future for formal care may not be sustainable.
We should prepare for the inevitable socialization of long-term care.

As lifespan is becoming longer and longer,
The extension of healthy life expectancy is very important.
Being aware of pre-illness state and changing behavior before becoming ill,
 people can avoid illness or needs of long-term care.


With our Remote care system
AI diagnoses pre-illness
 and evaluate the severity and urgency of who should be cared first
 under limited medical resources.
‌With‌ ‌ResQ‌ ‌Band,‌ ‌or‌ ‌High‌ ‌Accuracy‌ ‌and‌ ‌low‌ ‌price‌ ‌wearable‌ ‌IoT.‌ ‌

You can refer to our AI diagnosis assistance.
Current pathologist uses micro scope to examine pathological specimen.
Range of each cell size is from 10 μm to 20 μm.
If you watch it on PC monitor, you have to scroll screen 81 times. It is difficult to pay enough attention to each cell lesion.
We support pathologist with AI.


Medicine is the battle against new lesion.
Our patented technology enables AI to adjust to fit your belief for proper diagnosis.
Our Re-learning technology we called “Revise” includes the followings:
(1) Reject the region which is not suitable for your belief.
(2) Change the false negative region as true positive for proper diagnosis.
Experts can generate state of the art AI in efficient way.


Thank you for listening to my presentation.
Please feel free to contact with me anytime.
I am looking forward to working with you.


Protecting Health and Life in and after Corona with Lifestyle AI(3minutes)




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